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Welcome to Hillandale

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What Makes Hillandale Special?

Hillandale Elementary is a pre-kindergarten through fifth grade elementary school that places an emphasis on reaching every kind of learner.  Our teachers place a special emphasis on science curricula which is supplemented with various events and locations throughout the building.  We have a science classroom that is accessible to teachers and guest presenters for experiments and instruction.  In addition, Hillandale's campus is home to a nature trail that allows teachers and classes to experience science with a hands-on approach.

Hillandale Elementary offers AIG Programs in grades first through fifth.  The AIG Program provides a challenging and rigorous educational experience for students.  

Our teachers ensure opportunity and access that lead to appropriate educational opportunities for students.  Hillandale's faculty appropriately differentiates instruction to meet the needs of each learner.

Hillandale Elementary has a very experienced and stable administration and faculty.  Our teachers on every grade level work together to provide differentiated instruction to a diverse population of learners.  Additionally, teachers at Hillandale work with Specialists to provide cross curricular activities that engage students.

Our school has a very active parent support system.  Parents play an integral part of Hillandale's success through various volunteer initiatives.  Not only do those who find the time to volunteer benefit from being actively engaged, but also the children see that their education is important to the adults in the community.  Parent volunteers are crucial to the success of our school.









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